Ending family court murders.  Your assistance is required.    
It's the job of the people to keep government functioning.
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The best way to succeed in any challenge that arises is to surround yourself with Experts.

Sadly, for decades judges have surrounded themselves with people decidedly uninterested in addressing the abject failure of family court.  Neither will state personnel address family court judges who inappropriately hang on to cases that belong in criminal court.  The judges on the Elkins Task Force, those who are part of the problem, seem poised to continue this practice as state courts continue the pattern and practice of resisting all efforts of accountability.


Killer Judges
Don't complain about the problem
  Act now to become a part of the solution.

Enough is enough.  We really don't want to know how many people must die because family court judges are ajudicating crimes in family court.

We only know that California leads the nation in the killing of 
women and children. 

And the Suprme Court has so far, backed police departments for failing to enforce restraining orders.

Enough is enough.

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