Ending family court murders.  Your assistance is required.    
It's the job of the people to keep government functioning.
Do you know a judge who ignores criminal acts?  Let us know.

1. Getting a judge removed.

Is your judge putting your life or the lives of your children at risk?  If so, please contact us. We can't promise to get your judge removed, but we can promise to try to help.

2. Media

Is local media keeping the focus on family court, or do they focus on drive-by reporting?  Meet with news directors.  

3. Government officials

Are your state and federal elected representatives returning your calls and letters?  Have any of them responded affirmatively?  Let us know.

4. State Bar Organizations

Have you contacted your State Bar and if so, what was the response?

5. Local Police

Are the police responsive or are the police a large part of the problem?

6. Local DAs

Are local DAs also a part of the problem.  Do they not trust the jury system to sort it out, telling victims instead, they need an "air tight" case?

7. Mayors

The police chief is responsible (generally) to the Mayor, or City Manager.  Have you been to the mayor's office and the City Council?

8. Schools

Sadly, schools are rarely helpful.  For example:  most claim to have a "bullying" policy; but ask them how often it's enforced.  Contact the PTA for action.  Keep an eye out for the bruised child.

9. Non-profits

Non-profits succeed primarily in fund-raising and paying their Executive Directors well.  Rarely are they effective.  Skip the donations and take yourself and as many witnesses as you have, and your documentation directly to those individuals who look at you not as a person in need of help, but as a "voter."

Save a life - report judges who ignore criminal acts.
Expose killer judges.  The court spokes person sometimes blames the victim; including in one case, a ten year old letter writer (later murdered) the court spokesman indicated, hadn't written a convincing enough letter to the judge.
We will profile cases of DA's who refuse to take all but "air tight" cases to trial.  Let us know if this fits the DA mind set in your community your picks.

We will also profile DA's who allow the office to adopt a mentality that is not beneficial to victims. 

Contra Costa County - California
(under Robert Kochly)

San Diego County -   California
(under Bonnie Dumanis the mother was targeted for prosecution.)

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