Ending family court murders.  Your assistance is required.    
It's the job of the people to keep government functioning.

 State  County  Judge  Victim
 KY  Nelson  Seay Cole Frazier
 CA  San Francisco
 Mary Morgan
 Danielle Keller

 WA  Seattle  Brian Gain  Teresa Butz
 LA  Holden Leonora Estes
Multiple family members
 KY Lexington  Tim Philpot  Amanda Ross

 IL  Chicago  Judge Thomas Fecarott  Matthew


We look forward to locating a responsive judiciary to end the deadly epidemic of women and children killed each year as a result of ending a relationship.

Killer judges however, are not limited to family court, as was recently demonstrated in Washington's criminal court in King County with Judge, Brian Gain.  Six days earlier, (and after the suspect's aunt had filed for a protection order) Gain was made aware of the defendant's mental status, but failed the public in general, and; the now dead woman, in particular.

Thus proving Killer judges exist in all courts.  They are not limited family court, although by and large, it's family court judges who are contributing to the death of our most vulnerable.

Until mainstream media examines the relationship between ineffective non-profits and killer judges, the general public should become aware of the risks awaiting them in family and other courts.

Additionally,  litigants should take steps to protect themselves to include boycotting the court rooms of judges who get people killed  as did California's, Judge Morgan.  We suggest California litigants read about  CCP 170.6 should they not want Judge Morgan to hear their case.  (Other states have other codes.).

We feel Judge Morgan's court room should be  as dark as the inside of Danielle Keller's casket.

This seems to be the right action as Judge Morgan clearly represents a danger to the public and should not be in a position to cause further death or injury.  

However and in fairness, given Justice Ronald George's track record, 
 and that of the U.S. Supreme Court in  Castle Rock vs. Gonzales,  this is only a first step.
Which is why litigants should protect themselves and vote with their feet when it comes to judges featured here.

Doing so means the life you save could be your own.

We don't know how many children will be killed or orphaned until police, DAs and judges respond.  We only know too many have. 
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